When all Methods have failed ...


This short article does not deal with hindrances and how to master them. Instead it is written for those who never have entered a deeper state with pre-state symptoms like images, sounds, vibrations etc. It's for those who desire to have OBEs but have the feeling to be ill-fated in this regard.

From several letters:

"I have studied several other methods and have tried them out but they won’t work. Is astral projection only for some people? I seem to be stuck and was wondering if you may help me out a little bit with some advice."

There truly exists a disposition for astral projection. It is similar to painting or other arts. You can be born with good dispositions and then performing the art seems easy. But if you have no disposition, you can learn this art nevertheless – it only needs some harder work.

"I've tried to achieve OBEs for many years without any result! You know what, Alfred, I think that astral projections are very difficult to me, no method brought success, God does not allow it to me!"

("He tratado de hacerlo por varios años, sin tener un resultado solido. Sabes Alfredo, creo que las salidas astrales se estan poniendo mas dificiles para mi, debido a que ciertamente no he podido dar con un metodo, y que Dios no me lo permite!")

I am sure God likes you.
If anyone goes on a much frequented road, he/ she never would find a treasure! For this, it is needed to search off the beaten track. And when searching, you’ll never find the (spiritual) treasure at the first onset; it needs time. You never know of which kind the treasure will be, that's a secret (the secret of spiritual life). Make your experiences by firstly achieving the hypnagogic state and tell me what you have seen.

As you have read in my respond to the first letter, as far as I believe OBEs may be difficult for some people. This may be for different reasons. Maybe one of the reasons is a missing disposition. Mostly, however; the reason for this failure is of other origin like:

  • restlessness
  • hyperactivity
  • fear to face the subconscious

There are many possibilities to counteract these hindrances.

  • Firstly, I would recommend to learn how to achieve a good relaxation, by means of autogenous training. It would also be very useful to take a hypnosis session so as to learn how to enter deep relaxation states.
  • I also recommend to explore the hypnagogic state, the state between sleep and awake. Try the following exercises – not for directly astral projecting, but for training your subconsciousness and the kind of awareness which you need for astral projection. Let me remark that when astral projecting you are on the border between sleep and daytime awareness – for astral projection it is needed to keep your inner awareness during this state, and this can be trained. The following method will help:

    Before falling asleep, or in the short phases of being awake in the night, or in the early morning when you still stay in bed at the weekend, or when you are taking a nap during daytime – then focus your awareness on the inner images you may see from time to time (this state is called hypnagogic state). There is nothing more to do, just keep concentrated on these inner images and scenes. Over time, you will get a feeling for these processes. Then you have managed a first step for astral projecting.

Mistakes and failures are normal, but you are learning as well from missed OBEs and you increase your skills – it's a long term process and there’s no special trick. A very important fact however is that you stay interested and curious, exploring this new dimension step by step.

To keep continuity for learning and development, I’d recommend you to make notes in an OBE diary.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna)