Plants in Dreams



Trees can express different symbolic aspects:

roots: area of the unconscious

trunk: part of the tree that belongs to the conscious area

crown: The crown is a mental area that lies higher than the normal area of consciousness. Sometimes, however, we get access to this area (f.e. we are being gifted with fruits).

tree as plant with accentuation on height: “world tree” as tree that strives towards the sky: This is a kind of increase in elevation within the plants. It makes the tree stand out from other plants – f.e. world tree, shaman tree and trees in fairy tales, which connect heaven and earth.

tree with accentuation on size: The tree becomes a symbol for a strong, vegetative aspect. In its peace and size it also conveys safety and concealment.

trees as symbol of shadowing: The dark, sinister and impenetrable forest in which one gets lost easily, becomes a symbol of the unconscious in dreams and fairy tales.

Flowers as Symbols of Unfolding

The unfolding precedes the maturation. Therefore, flower dreams are typical (spiritual unfolding). These dreams indicate that the current inner attitude is beneficial for a spiritual development process. The symbolic meaning of the meadow is similar to the meaning of flowers. Also meaningful are gardens that belong to “the own house”.

In a more specific sense flowers represent positive characteristics. The opposite would be weeds or stinging plants like thistles (without blossoms).

Watering Plants

Watering and cultivating flowers means to put effort in the unfolding and development of a characteristic. In this case the intention to unfold the characteristic is a bit off the charts and probably won't be that easy to realize.

”I have the task to water flowers that are located on a wall or terrace. In any case they are placed where I can only reach them with the help of a ladder. At first I water them one by one and later all together once again with a watering can.” (Ach.)

Arranging Flowers

Arranging flowers is a symbol for the finding of coherence, the inner clarification and assigning.

“I had this dream at the time when I had given permission to teach my first yoga students: It is a yoga class and I instruct some new yoga students. Every student has an unorganized bouquet of flowers in front of him. I go to every student and start to arrange the flowers. Furthermore, I remove the limp and give them fresh flowers.” (Anla.)

Fruits: see Symbols of inner Maturation


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Seth