Sun Meditation


This is a mini vacation you can take whenever you want. It's your secret place. The place you can go to when you want to relax. This mediation helps us to master the everyday life. Try it when you're stressed.

Imagine energies of light associated with earth energy and the powers of nature flowing through us. These energies strengthen us and bring us in psychic balance. It helps up be at peace with nature. The life energies this meditation supplies us with are just as necessarily as our daily bread.

Use this in preparation for deeper meditation. It forms a field of the peace and supplies us with inner power.

When I do this meditation, I go to my power spot. It's in a park at the base of a waterfall. Most people like the beach so I'll give you that version.

Imagine sitting on the golden sand of a peaceful beach. Feel the cool breeze of the sea, which refreshes and strengthens you. You can hear the rhythmic roaring of the waves. While you meditate there, you feel the purifying and vitalizing golden light of sun shining upon you. This accumulated energy makes your body vibrate.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna)