We are a Story


Out on the streets

People are crossing my way

sometimes sitting next to me

in the bus or train

mostly not even looking at me

and I don’t really see them either.

But sometimes our eyes meet

for a shy moment

and then I wonder

Who are you?

How do you see the world?

What do you fear most?

What do you most long for?

I believe that every now and then

it is possible to look a bit behind the mask

and to see a fellow human

with his own story of life

with all his hopes and suffering

with all his thoughts and emotions.

There is a whole history in everyone’s eyes,

in everyone’s face

So many tales are out there.

Once I saw some youngsters at the station

throwing words at each other

showing off

loud music coming from their phones

I was annoyed at first

but suddendly inside

I was happy that they live.

I saw a little boy in the train

who was joking with an elderly woman

blunt and shy at the same time

but full of joy

and she smiled and joked back

And I had to smile as well

as old and young had met with such warmth.

I saw an alcoholic

I heard him grumbling at his wife

He was fat and old

a picture of inertia

But as I met his gaze

those blurred eyes

My heart wished him strength and love.

Who am I to judge any of them?

Who am I to say who is good or evil?

We all are both and neither of them

at the same time.

I think that everyone’s story

is that of a traveller

of someone who evolves

of someone who will go on

maybe through countless lives

before he finally finds

his true source of happiness

But I wish everyone that he will make it.

Maybe deep inside

there’s not so much difference at all

there is life and a seeking soul:

I am a story

you are, they are

we are

a limitless library of stories.

We fill a whole library of stories …


© 2017 Corra