Ajna Meditation


Here you have three orthodox yoga meditations on the ajna chakra, as already taught in ancient times.

1. A golden flame between the eyebrows.

2. Create the imagination (visualization) of a golden sun between the eyebrows.

3. Imagine the symbol of OM (the cosmic sound) formed of golden light, shining between your eyebrows. Additional feel at the same position the vibrating sound of OM.

"The Angels Touch" (by Eva)

"The Angel's Touch is something that surprised me, its my own name for it. I just do my meditation and when Im at the numbness in the legs and feel the bed shaking my forehead feels as if someone was touching it but rather tickeling than touching and rather kissing then tickeling. =) Its such a good feeling that I had the feeling an angel was touching me."


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna)