Astral travel after etheric loosening


Astral Travel following after Take-Off (Passive Body Separation)

For description and explanation of the types of etheric body separation "take-off" and "stepping out", see Loosening of the Etheric Body.

An OBE of the type "take-off" can continue and change into an astral travel in different ways:

"Carried by the wind"

During take-offs, I often had the feeling of being carried upwards by the wind and of floating far away. The wind mostly was quite strong, but very comfortable and vitalising. I could feel it in every pore. During this, I couldn’t see anything, everything around me was black. Occasionally I saw a white sun shining above me, like a bright hole in a wall of black velvet. At some point this journey always came to an end and then I stood in a completely unknown environment. In most cases I felt very charged with power and for this reason also very euphoric.

Theoretically, this "being carried by the wind" follows the last stages of a take-off separation.

"I became conscious when I already had left the physical body. Now I was floating in lying position, tilted left, just as if I was carried by wind or lying on an invisible stretcher. This state is called ‘carried by the wind’ because it actually really feels as if you were floating in airy heights where the wind is strong. This effect is caused by the fluidal matter which is stirred into motion. I had had this kind of take-off several times before and I knew what was happening. But this time it was a bit different. There was someone with me, but I couldn’t see her. I could only feel her presence. She was an otherworldly guide. ‘Move both arms to the left, then it is easier’, she told me. So I moved my arms to the left side of the body and all of a sudden I was floating even faster and more gentle, into the darkness. Though I didn’t know where I went and I still don’t know it because I soon lost consciousness after this." (Gauri)

Automatically at some distance from the physical body

Very often it happens that a "take-off" spontaneously changes into astral travel after one has moved a few meters away from the physical body (there are individual differences regarding the distance). This change of an etheric OBE into astral travel can be promoted by passing through thresholds – like doors, walls, windows etc. And it also has to be considered an astral travel when you are flying in the OBE (in the etheric body, you’re too heavy to be really able to fly).

"In most of my OBEs I always find myself in the etheric body. I feel heavy and can’t reach through matter. And everything around me looks quite dark, like at night-time. But after passing through the window or through the door, I always suddendly feel lighter and I am even able to fly. My surroundings become brighter and more colourful. All these are typical signs of an astral travel. In the etheric state, normally everything around me is dark and without many colours.

I remember one particular OBE where there was a new door in my room, and I wanted to pass through to see what’s behind. I stood at the threshold and I could see nothing in front of me, although the door was open. I was instinctively searching for a light switch, and as I found one and turned on the light, suddendly everything in front of me was colourful and bright as if I really had turned on the light. My etheric OBE then completely changed into an astral travel – I could tell this from the vividness and colourfulness of the surroundings – and the area behind the door felt like a totally different place. Somehow the door and the turning-on of the light had worked as a threshold symbol for changing from the etheric state to an astral plane." (Corra)

For more information about the function of threshold symbols for the subconscious, read Influences on your Surroundings.

Floating out at the feet ("conveyor")

"This kind of body separation occurs when I am sleeping in prone position. I am gently carried out at my feet, exactly as if I would lie on a conveyor. This feels very comfortable though I can’t see anything during this. However, I try not to open my eyes for I’m afraid I could open my physical eyes instead – because this has happened once and of course it had led to an immediate end of the state.

After I have been carried in this way for a few meters, I spontaneously straighten myself and then I float forwards in upright position. At this point it occasionally happens that I am floating through some gate or small tunnel. Right after this, I find myself in a city or in some landscape that looks just like on the physical plane. I am sure that everytime when this kind of take-off happens to me, I’ll end up on a near-earth plane." (Gauri)

Astral Travel following after Stepping Out (Active Body Separation)

The rules are the same as explained above in "automatically at some distance from the physical body".

OBE Letter 97
" … around 5 AM in the morning I got up and started meditating in the living room (aiming mostly at getting rid of my tiredness and increase my concentration). After about ten minutes I went to bed again, whereat I repeated a mantra during falling asleep (simply the name of Ramakrishna). After a short time I had the feeling that my astral body had loosened (at least that’s my interpretation – a feeling of swaying to and fro – it’s always the same feeling, and I still continued reciting the mantra). Then I got up in a dream (the room was filled with morning light) and went to the walls of my room. I closed my eyes and went directly through the wall, whereat I had the feeling of having to fight my way through dense undergrowth. Shortly after this I found myself on the lawn in front of our house (lying on my belly as if I had stumbled before and fallen down). The grass was dewy and the left side of the landscape I saw was veiled in a bright mist … "

Other kinds of astral projection after etheric exit

"When I have succeeded in separating my etheric body, it occasionally happens that I have an astral travel right after. At this, I concentrate on the centre of my forehead with the intention to project. After that, immediately darkness is falling around me and I feel as if being in a merry-go-round which is racing forward, whereat a strong wind is blowing.

Or I am ‘thrown’ onto the ground, then I am spun around my own axis a few times and then floating upwards. In this kind of exit, I’ll always see veils of colour.

Another version: I am sitting in meditation position (in the etheric body), doing a few mudras with my hands and within a moment I am floating upwards in the same position." (Gauri)


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) and Gauri (Regensburg) translated by Corra