Symbolism of the Evolution


The Evolution

The word evolution can be assigned to different forms of development for example the technical development. For the field of dream symbolism the only relevant development opportunities are the ones that happen in us as a person. These are similar to the four forms of life manifestation:

  • The spiritual/religious development. This form of development is not existing in the materialism. It is the growth of the inner forces, which is known under different names f.e. Kundalini, spiritual light ...

  • The development of the recognition respectively the spiritualization.

  • The development of our feelings from compulsively aggressive to ethical lovingly including the social development from egocentric to sympathetic.

  • The development of the vitality from numb to vital.

From the viewpoint of inner development the top-bottom symbolism symbolizes the inner growth from unconscious over conscious to super-conscious. This growth can either

a) affect the whole human being

b) or affect the development of a single inner aspect.

If we take a look at a plant we see the same process. Has our subconscious copied something here or are there valid “cosmic” principles?

"I was walking along a path. At first there was a pond in front of me that I had to pass. There were stones laying in the pond and I hopped from one rock to another. Many dangerous fish were trying to bite me and I had to watch my steps very carefully. After I overcame this small lake I had to choose between two paths: one was dark and hard to walk on and the other one was bright and easy to pursue. I knew that I had to take the dark path and so I did.
After a while it lead me to a muddy hill that I had to crawl up. This was a really hard task and I had to use all my will and strength to get on top. As soon as I got back on my feet I saw a wheat field laying in front of me. The warming sun was gently touching my face. I felt very light as I began floating through the field towards the life-giving, divine sun." (Seth)


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Seth