Percussion and Repercussion Effects


The terms percussion and repercussion indicate that a perception from one body (astral, etheric, physical) is percepted in the other.

Percussion effect: a physical perception is projected onto the astral/ etheric body. Typical occurrences are e. g.:

  • difficulties to move your arms because in the physical body they are lying stiffly on the matress; this stiffness (or also sleep paralysis) is projected onto the astral/ etheric body

  • physical blindfold blocks out astral vision; in this case, it’s not the physical blindfold that hinders the vision, but a subconsciously formed "astral/ etheric reproduction" of the blindfold (the mere subconscious knowing of using a blindfold – and surely also the slight pressure you feel on your eyes – is enough to create a duplication made of subtle matter)

  • one of your physical nares is blocked, in the astral body you suddenly have the urge to breathe and your nose feels blocked

  • saliva accumulation in the physical mouth can obviously cause an urge to swallow in the astral body

"The blindfold" (Corra)

" … I stood in my room and it took me a few moments to realize that I was ‘out’. When I had realized this, I began to see my surroundings more clearly. But after a few seconds I had to fight with my blindfold again (I used to use a blindfold when inducing OBEs, because I had no curtains and in the summertime it was too bright for me even in the early morning). It was as if I had a veil before my eyes, but this time I managed to get it off by simply imagining that I was ripping it off my face. Funnily, I really had a blindfold in my hands then – it was the etheric duplication of the physical one. I threw it away. From then on, I could see very well, except for a few moments when my vision was veiled again."

"Urge to swallow" (Corra)

"Until recently, when falling asleep, I often had to struggle with accumulation of saliva in my mouth which made me swallowing several times before I finally could fall asleep. This was especially the case when I lay on my back – which was the best position for inducing OBEs. So, when having OBEs in this position, I very often had the urge to swallow in the middle of my astral travels. When this occurred I always knew I would be drawn back into the body soon. For this reason I always tried to fight this urge to swallow. In the astral travels I could swallow two or three times maximum, then the scenery would disappear and I would find myself back in the physical body. It was sometimes very frustrating because I was drawn back in the best moments of those astral travels – just because I could not longer prevent myself from swallowing. Since last year or so I don’t have the problem with the saliva accumulation anymore, and this urge to swallow in astral travels occurs only rarely today."

As can be seen in the example above, percussion effects like these often made me return to the physical body involuntarily, because I was too occupied with the physical perceptions.

A repercussion effect would be an astral sensation which reflects back to the physical body, or astral suggestions which influence our psyche in the physical body throughout the day (which is important and can have quite huge effects on our psychic well-being).

"Sharp vision without glasses" (Corra)

" … by that time, I already had made it a habit to try every morning to come into a state of spiritual immersion, and on that morning it succeeded. It turned into an OBE, when I just sat up in the etheric body, looking around. I had hoped to meet one of my guides, but no one was there. So I tried to check out something that I had read in Vayu’s books. I wanted to sharpen my vision, so I began to focus various objects and to concentrate on them. This worked out quite well, and my dark, blurred surroundings became very bright and intensively colorful. I had some hair strands in my face that distracted me. I just brushed them out of my face and in doing so, one of my eyes nearly got blind again. But after a while of concentration, I could see very sharply again. I focused a plant on the altar which was blooming in a rose colour (this plant wasn’t on my physical altar) and it became intensively colorful and almost seemed to glow.

The OBE ended shortly after. I was satisfied that the method of sharpening the astral vision had worked out so well. But what was really astonishing to me was that on the day after I had a very sharp vision in the physical as well – much sharper than usual! The thing is that I am quite a bit short-sighted, and I tried to do some eye exercises to improve my vision. It did never work out, I just could see a bit sharper for a few seconds, but only rarely. But now, after this OBE, I could see very sharply for a very long time! There were some seconds in between where I was short-sighted again, but for hours and hours I noticed that I could see nearly as well as with my glasses. Much to my regret, this effect was not lasting, it vanished on the next day and I am still short-sighted today and never have had such an experience again. But I am sure that this had been a repercussion effect due to the great effort I had made in the astral before to gain a clear vision." (Corra)


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