The City Crows


Over the roofs we fly

free like the wind of Odin

Messengers of God in black coats we are

But you call us dirty

for we live on your waste.

On the roofs we perch

looking down on you

nothing can escape our eyes

We see how mankind withers inside –

you are the ones who created the dirt.

High in the skies we fly

though you may call us dirty

we still carry God’s love inside

And we are his seeing eye

for nothing remains hidden to us

from the things you do everyday.

You say that God has left you alone

but it’s the other way round –

and he weeps for you all.

But we are not black messengers of grief

Instead, life is our message, and love.

See, human, how free we are!

In us you may recognize

your old brothers and sisters

Remember your origins

and lift your eyes to the heavens!


© 2016 Corra