Goddess or great Mother


The decision

What is the goal of yoga and many other esoteric teachings? Most teachers have same goal, a goal which has many names and yet it seems to be the same: enlightenment, selffulfillment, cosmic consciousness, cosmic love, realization of God, all-unity, liberation (mukhti), supra-consciousness. There may be other terms as well.

When I began with the first steps on my spiritual way I learned: "The goal of a yogi is to reach a state of consciousness beyond space and time, beyond creation. Because this state is beyond polarities it cannot be described, every description means division – and for this state there are no divisions. Thus, it is called ‘neti, neti’ - which means ‘not this and not that’. Another term is ‘sat-chit-ananda’ - ‘existence, consciousness, bliss’.

How does one reach that state? One has to concentrate on the Ajna Chakra, which is the chakra between the eyebrows, and excludes all thoughts and feelings. Nothing should stir inside – deep silence reigns. If one is lucky or it is given to one, the state in meditation tilts over to a state of altered consciousness and we’ll be in a state of limitless dimension, beyond time and space. Even beyond the ego – that’s why there are no reflections about past lives, future or whatever – because the awareness about creation is not longer there.

The method to reach this state has its dangers. If one achieves to go into that state once – and even if it was only so slightly – but is still anchored in the ego and in the world, one will get a feeling of immense power. An inner, magical power which seems to have no limits. It is an intoxicant sensation and one may rather get addicted to it – in fact, it is a kind of addiction. These half-enlightened people – if they are incarnated or transcendent beings – are mostly beings of a high plane of existence, but it is a light and cold plane – in my circle of acquaintances we call them "white-lighted", for their auric radiation is a dazzling white, but cold light character, without any empathy or emotion. They serve no one and submit to no ideology. They only know their own will and this will is incredibly strong.


Shakti and Mahashakti – or simply "the Goddess"

If we come into deep contact with Shakti and if we love her, of course we want to know who or what she is.

We will soon learn what she is, because she shows that openly: Shakti is near inside, she’s always with us, loves us, forgives our mistaked, is patient and wants to give us strength and power.

If we want to know who she is, we won’t get an answer. We’ll only hear that there’s no difference between her, Shakti, and the Great Goddess, Mahashakti. Thus, we can’t find out if we encounter a personal Shakti or a cosmic consciousness which communicates with us. There’s nothing in her nature that could be confined to a "person". Not even a mythological deity we’ll find in her. Thus, there is no answer to such a question which wants to confine Shakti to a person.

Now about the way which the goddess teaches us, and which is another way than that of the yogis who only practice with the Ajna Chakra. She teaches us the way of all-uniting love, of becoming one with all life. Whenever possible, she makes us aware of the love, of empathy and identification with all life around us. Of course she does not give instructions or preachments – only a goddess experienced through a lower chakra would do that, for example the Manipura Chakra. Down there, in the lower chakras, the nature of the goddess is more human-like, because her auric radiation mingles with our subconscious. What we receive then is not pure – just remember the example with the sunglasses, it is exactly this principle.

It’s best to connect with the goddess through a higher chakra, mainly the Tara-Chakras – that are: Hridaya Chakra (next to the Anahata Chakra), the Forehead Chakra (middle of the forehead) and the Soma Chakra (one end at the posterior palate and one end at the crown – every chakra has its opposite chakra and both form a spindle). In this way, we will learn through states of consciousness. We recognize the divine presence in all life around us – humans, animals and plants. We cannot choose an encounter, because the state arises spontaneously. Suddendly we experience our counterpart as life which is filled with happiness and love beyond the material world.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra