Astral Travel (Obes)

In nightly dreams
oh soul, it seems
you are not sleeping
but you're free!
Flowers and fantastic towns you’ll see
meeting friends long lost over time
love and happiness in golden shine.
When morning comes
ends the freedom of night
the body bowed by sorrows
of the daily plight.

(Alfred Ballabene)

Astral travel or astral projection, abbreviated OBE (out-of-body-experience), means travelling through subtle planes. It does not really matter if it is doubted that this possibility exists – what is important is that these experiences are highly exciting and allow us to grow inside as a person. With a perceptible and visible body, we experience an unknown environment that seems to be as real as the physical world. Sometimes we are even more awake and we experience everything with more intensity than in everyday life. We step into a world full of wonder and beauty. In this, we are not simply passive observers – e. g. only watching magnificent buildings – but instead we are able to knock on someone’s door, to go in and speak with the people who live there. On these journeys, we may find ourselves in places that seem exotic, similar to southern or northern countries, or even in another time. When travelling in otherworldly planes, we may encounter loved ones that had to leave the physical existence before us.

Through astral travel, my inner life has been enriched enormously. Not only this, but I also learnt to see our daily environment from another point of view, I became able to look more at tiny details, to see the beauty and also symbolic meanings of things. For me the world became a comprehensive book.

In my astral journeys, I have gained a kind of second life – where I learn, where I grow inside and where I can gain inner strength and peace. It was possible to learn to understand other people better, because when encountering someone on the astral plane, you can communicate telepathically, and so you are able to understand the other one’s character and behaviour. It is not possible to conceal emotions in the astral, and often, the underlying cause lies open as well. That makes the beyond an honest world.

And, through repeated experiences on the astral plane, encounters with deceased and highly evolved beings, I also could strengthen my own belief in a world beyond and in afterlife. Life has gained a deeper meaning – it is not only for short-lived pleasure and fun. Instead, higher goals are pursued, and it becomes possible to evolve as a person.

The footprints we leave behind during our lives, once dark, become brighter and brighter

In many aspects, we need some experience in the astral world until we understand the circumstances and are able to use them in an optimal way. First of all, it is necessary to overcome the logical inhibition mechanisms of our subconscious. The subconscious does not allow actions and processes that are not existing in the material world. It is a control mechanism that inhibits illusions and hallucinations in our daily life. This applies to ways of locomotion like flying, floating etc. and abilities like materialisation or telekinesis.

If there are too much and too fast impressions and actions while astral travelling that contradict the physics of the material world, we will easily lose awareness and drift into a dream-like state – e. g. when we fly over the landscape to see everything in a hurry, without checking our astral body and without anchoring our consciousness strongly enough in the astral body. This should be prevented through several measures: focusing strongly on an object to improve astral vision, checking through the astral body to become aware of our corporeality, and much more.

A frequently asked question is that if through astral travel we lose sleeping time and rest. Well, this is not true, it’s quite the opposite – in most cases, you feel more recovered after an OBE, and you also feel better psychically through the nightly experience.

  • As long as we are in the proximity of the physical body, we find ourselves in an environment that seems to be a copy of the material environment, only with slight differences. The further we move away from our body, the more our environment changes – mostly not continuously, but in steps; often when we pass a treshold, like a door, window or turn of the road.
  • Our feelings and perception during astral travel is different from daily life. We are in an altered state of consciousness – that means, mostly we have very intense emotions during an OBE. Which emotions we experience depends on our expectations and our courage to explore new things. Some people have euphoric states of happiness, others are haunted by fears and don’t want to do astral travelling ever again for this reason. The fear that is experienced here is projected onto the happenings in the OBE, but it has its true reason in a behavioural pattern of the person (tendency towards problems, fear of life).
  • On the astral planes, empathy (perceiving emotions of others) and telepathy are normal and common ways of perception.
  • On astral planes, it is possible to encounter deceased ones, otherworldly guides, angel-like and demonic beings. We often encounter friends towards whom we feel an intense bond of friendship, although we cannot remember to have met them at all. In a kind of telepathic radiation, we get the feeling of being connected to them since centuries or even millennia.
  • The rules which apply to astral matter are very different from that which apply to the physical matter. Matter can be penetrated, or it becomes (ideo-)plastic through consciously used power of imagination. If reaching into astral matter consciously and pulling out one’s hand again, often a kind of depression or deformation remains in the object. Materialisations are possible as well. They are easier if we "expect" them (e. g. in places where we cannot see – behind our back or behind the next street corner). Materialisations mostly do not work or only with much effort when we try to observe the process. This is easily explained: our expectations depend much on our physical experiences on a subconscious level. We may know that astral matter is behaving different from physical matter, but our subconscious is very conservative and struggles against anything that contradicts our experiences in the material world. Thus, it has to be outwitted in such a situation by doing this passive kind of materialisations.
  • We can willfully see through walls, or even through the ground down to lower planes, if we train a bit. It is also possible to "zoom in" objects or scenery that are far away.
  • The appearance of people is determined by psychic laws, especially in the lower planes.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra