Symbolism of Colors

The colors are roughly assigned to the realms of psyche shown in the following table. Surely they are more diverse in their nuances and their messages but for a first introduction this simple mapping is convenient.


the spiritual, inner awakeness

sun, moon, stars, light

white, yellow

understood content, integrated

white animals, flowers


the mental



the compulsive, the emotional



the vegetative



the unconscious

earth, basement, night

"I often recognize the color symbolism when looking at my own clothing in lucid dreams. When I am in a more “intellectual mood” I often see myself dressed in blue. When I felt aggression I often wore dirty red, tattered clothes. This clothing symbolism also applies to other persons in my dreams." (Seth)

Green: Onto many advertising posters we find a green accentuation with the purpose to combine the vital nature with the advertised object. In the field of interior design one says green has a calming effect. Partly, one tries to use foliage plants to create this calm atmosphere in the living space. Meanwhile, especially in the food industry green has become a key word for “nature” and “biologic”.

Orange: Orange is being assigned to vitality and warmth. A bright orange is additionally connected with sunshine.

Red: Depending on its intensity red has an invigorating or stimulant effect.

In bigger and bigger simplification colors are used as language elements just like red as a symbol for “attention”.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Seth