Burning Heart


This kind of meditation can be found in mystic exercises of several religions. In central Europe you will often find paintings which show Jesus, whose heart is inflamed by love to all mankind. Warmth and light are shining out of the holy heart to all the suffering humans. It is spending love and peace. This love makes no difference between good and evil but spreads on all beings like the shine of the sun.

Note: you must never practice on the heart as a physical organ – this could lead to dysrhythmia. Concentrate on the middle of your chest as shown in the picture above. Breath in and out and imagine yourself using a pair of bellows to inflame the fire of your heart. It works better when you press your palate a bit (inhibiting the breath a little bit) while breathing into your chest. You connect in love. When the chest area has warmed up, you imagine that the chest fills more and more with golden light, with every breath.

It is not necessary to sit for this meditation – it can be done during a walk or wherever you want.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna)