How to make your Obe's more vivid


OBE Letter 341:
"I remember having an experience just like it, but I took it as a dream because of how unreal it seemed … the OBE I described to you seemed extremely unreal as well … they seem like dreams! And sometimes you don’t remember your dreams … Is there any way at all to make it seem more vivid? When I look back at my experience it’s just like a normal dream … it’s not fun that way! I feel that I don’t have full control over my OBE cause it seems like a dream …"


To get your OBEs more vivid you need a higher degree of awareness, promoted by increased concentration and emotions. On this, some valuable hints below:

If you are out, then increase your body awareness

  • by catching hold of any object
  • by touching some objects, increasing your sense of touch in this way
  • by feeling your feet touching the ground when walking
  • by fixing a spot or any object; this makes your vision more vivid and colourful
  • by going slowly (avoid gliding or flying) so that you will look around and observe more concentrated

When you are continuing your OBE, then repeat this bodycheck every now and then – and try not to haste just because you are eager to take in as much as possible of all these interesting impressions around and in front of you. Rather take it slowly.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna)