Cosmic Consciousness in Kundalini


We humans went through several stages of civilisation which had influence on our world view through the predominant technology.

An important stage, which followed the times characterized by religion, was/ is a time in which the matter was/ is the centre of attention (we have not yet left that stage behind) – matter as it can be formed and worked on. This brought the materialism to us. It was believed that matter was the only truth and that there was nothing other than matter.

Now, our computers have marked the beginning of a new era – the information age. Where before matter was of great importance, now information has gained value. Everything contains information, if wave, structure, particle or whatever. Maybe once we will come into an era where we will believe that behind every information lies an organizing, conscious intelligence – life, consciousness.

According to the teachings of spiritual tantra, the universe is undivided consciousness, an all-pervasive life force. Everything, even "dead" matter can be an information medium for this cosmic life force. And because we are a part of this universal life force, we, as a part of it, are able to connect to the whole. We can do this directly and indirectly by using single aspects – e. g. the Kundalini – as a kind of mirror to see the works and effects of the cosmic consciousness inside of ourselves, as a shaping life force. If we face Kundalini with this attitude – to recognize it as an aspect of cosmic life force – then Kundalini is not longer only a force, not only carrier of all our energetic information, but then it is a living being. We can speak with her, and ask her for help and support. And Kundalini will give it!

We don’t have to practice complicated breathing and physical exercises or imagination of colours and letters to activate the Kundalini force inside of us. We can communicate with her directly and ask what is interfering her. If we listen carefully inwards, then she will tell us and help us to remove the obstacles. Together with her help we can proceed much faster than with methods and techniques. It may be an unusual thing for us to communicate with an inner energetic being. But if we float in the river of life, if we allow us to be carried by this river instead of trying to control it, we will be given easily what remains denied to others who try to gain control and power by techniques.

Look into the mirrors of your soul and you will find me. Listen inwards and I will give you advice. My voice is quiet, for serpents do not scream.

To speak with Kundalini or exchange information with her through inner perception without words may sound very fabulous to some people. Thus, I will explain more precisely the principle which underlies according to Tantra:

The universe is structured like a crystal. As an example we may take a salt crystal, which has the shape of a cube. If we break this crystal cube it will fall into many pieces with plane surfaces – these pieces are composed of many cubes themselves. And in every single cube, there are even smaller cubes, right down to the molecule. Thus, the little things are a mirror of the big things.

A salt crystal can be viewed as an analogy to the structure of life in the universe. In small life, for example in us humans, the great, all-embracing cosmic life force – god or however we may name this force – is reflected. Names are unimportant, the principle is decisive. The Indians call this cosmic life force Mahadevi or Mahashakti, which are only two of many names. This cosmic life force is, so to speak, a cosmic Kundalini, a living force – everything lives which comes from god. Our Kundalini is a small copy of this living force, and she’s alive, like everything which comes from god. And because our Kundalini is alive and connected to the great cosmic consciousness, we can communicate with her. This is the whole mystery – simple, but unfortunately unbelievable for many people.


My encounter with Kundalini (by Gauri)

I was in deep immersion, when I noticed that my Kundalini, on her way upwards, removed some blockades which stood in her way. This was accompanied by an inner trembling sensation which almost made me jump out of my seat. It was very intense, as if I was sitting on a spinning washing machine. But I stayed still so as not to disturb this cleaning and liberating process. I let it happen and avoided to interfere this inner process. I had suppressed the Kundalini for years because I was very afraid and lacked the knowledge, and due to this I already suffered from various illnesses like calcific tendinitis of my shoulder, states of fear in the night and depression. I just had not known what to do and what was that thing inside of me and I was afraid of it. But now, as I just let it happen, I felt that it was a healing power which had wanted to unfold since years.

Now I had made it! I had perceived Kundalini and accepted her. And now she made what she had wanted to made since years ago: she ascended upwards and cleaned the energy currents in my body. I felt this change inside of me as a physical and psychic sense of well-being.

After this first experience it was not surprising that my interest in her had greatly increased. And this time I just had sat down and I was waiting, curious what she would do this time. I could perceive and see her as a serpent. This was a clear inner sight, so that I always could make out where she was situated. In addition, I learned that Kundalini is not only some inanimate force searching its way, like water that bursts its banks. No, she was a living power in which a higher intelligence was becoming visible; she even had a kind of temper, depending on if she was calm or active, if she felt good or if she was bothered by something. She was more alive than me, with much more knowledge and power than me. Strictly speaking I cannot compare myself to this higher intelligence inside of me. I was only her "nest", her territory, her protégé. She was interested in living together with me in perfect harmony. That’s how her true nature is.

Now I sat there, listening inwards and watching her. At this time I didn’t feel good emotionally, I was weighed down with sorrow. This was due to stress and problems that bothered me. Thus, I wasn’t able to concentrate and unconsciously I let my mind wander. I got distracted and forgot about what I had wanted to do in the beginning. I stopped to listen inwards and to sense the Kundalini. Only a few minutes after I became aware of that. I gathered my strength and now I focused more alertly on the Kundalini. Where was she? What was she doing?

I searched for her in the coccygeal region. That was where she normally would lie, woundup. But she wasn’t there. I was puzzled. I searched my whole back, but even there I couldn’t find her.Then I saw her – or rather sensed her. She was in my belly. I saw her there, wound up like a ball. She was filling my whole abdomen. She was wide awake – and she was about to do something, I could feel it. But I couldn’t feel what exactly she was up to. She didn’t let me know – this was typical for the Kundalini, like I would experience many times after.

As I was thinking about it and even asked her what she was doing in my belly, she calmly raised her head and began to ascend upwards, dead straigtht! She ascended through the vertical energy current which goes parallel to the spinal column. I watched quietly and was not able to think about it. I was totally absorbed in this observation.

In this way she glided upwards slowly, but determinedly, and as she was passing through the solar plexus region I saw that she was pushing along a big, dark ball. She ascended ever higher up to my mouth and as I felt her there, I involuntarily had to open my mouth widely. Then I exhaled for such a long time that I thought I was going to exhale my soul. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case. It was a kind of dark air or air-like substance which I was exhaling.

Later my Guru told me that he assumed that Kundalini had hauled out all the negative energy, which had been accumulated inside of me, in form of a dark energy ball. She had pushed it through my mouth, because denser energies like ectoplasm cannot be released through pores in the skin but only through body orifices. The Kundalini had relieved me from the negative energies. Retrospectively, these explanations were matching the perception I had had during this experience – for as soon as I had exhaled, I was filled by an inexplicable, deep silence. My inside felt like it had been emptied and cleaned, and I felt embedded in peace and silence. I didn’t have the need to speak, to think or to do anything. The only need I had was to rest in myself. The Kundalini descended downwards again and wound up in her "roost". It was like she was resting after work. She was gentle and silent.

As I was perceiving this, a deep feeling of thankfulness overwhelmed me. I loved her. I loved her for her selfless help which she gave me without me having to ask her for it. She helped me and filled me with calmness inside. All the troubles which had been bothering me minutes before were washed away. I was relieved from grief. The poison of my inner discord had been egested and I felt clean, invigorated, and full of confidence and peace. I was facing up to the future without sorrows and fears, thanks to Kundalini.

Thus, inside and silently, I thanked this high, intelligent energy that was showing to me in the appearance of a little, dark serpent. I felt connected to her with all my heart. The first time ever I was happy and thankful to have her inside of me. She was my precious. I said that to her. I said, inside: Shakti, you are my precious!

There she raised again. "What now?", I thought. I felt that she was coiling upwards through my spinal column this time. When she reached my neck chakra, she came out. Never before had I observed her coming out of my body. But now she did, and I didn’t know what she was about to do. For a moment she was not visible for me. I just perceived a kind of pale cloud which was enfolding me. I felt a bit uneasy, though.

Then I saw her again. I saw that the small serpent had turned into a huge serpent. Now she was not dark anymore, but very light. And she was glowing. She had coiled herself around my body now, and her head was above me. I was embedded in her. I was lying in her like a child in its cradle.

I was embedded in her. I was lying in her like a child in its cradle.

Not even when I was a child, lying in my mothers arms, had I ever felt so protected. Kundalini had embraced me. Tightly, gently, lovingly and determinedly. This was her way of saying to me: "I’ll always be with you."

From then on, I never was afraid of her again. Countless times I have felt her, countless times I have talked to her. So many times I have seen with her eyes, heard with her ears and countless times I was connected to the cosmic love through her. I respect her because she is incorruptible. She has no appreciation of material wishes. This is not her area. She doesn’t want to fulfill any mundane desire. But she can free you from the bondage and chains of mundane entanglement and ephemeral desire – if you want it and if you let it happen, if you accept her as what she really is: a part of the divine inside of you, your ticket to paradise. I love her because she is of pure nature and because I know that she only wants the best for me – the connection to the highest. She wants to turn me into a loving and knowing person.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra