Sit comfortably and relax. Direct your awareness within your body, feel the warmth of your body and feel the blood circulating through your veins. As you feel life pulsating  you let your awareness become finer and you try to feel the finer inner energies. Do not tell yourself that this is "only your imagination". It works nevertheless. You will feel light encircling your body.

Feel that light rising up your right arm beginning at your palms and feel the flow into your chest. (Here you may pause and hold your awareness while breathing in and out.) Then feel how the light that entered your chest from your right arm crosses your chest and continues flowing down your left arm. The energy flows between the palms of both of your hands.

You may do this to the rhythm of your natural breathing. Feel yourself cleansed and filled with peace.

You may also perform this kind of meditation by letting your vital energy circulate in the same way as explained above. Why? Well, the stress of our daily lifes brings some sort of disorder to our energy balance. Energy can f.e. be accumulated in the head while different organs in the body are under-nourished by vital energy. You may be full of vital force but if this force is not balanced you are in danger of getting sick.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna)