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A group of many students only allows to pass on general lessons. In contrast, yoga guidance via email enables us to pay attention to the needs and conditions of the individual. Interested people are kindly encouraged to contact us either by email to the following addresses. We look forward to your mails. (Don't hesitate, it's free.)



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Our Definition of a Guru taken from the German Ebook “Die Sandlerin Dasi” by A. Ballabene:

“A gurini (resp. guru) forms a team with her yoga students. The student is more than just a student for her but a friend and an intimate. She gives him all she is able to give. This includes transmissions of states and abilities. These transmissions are not possible to everyone. This means that gurini is not an educational degree or the designation of a status a but a personal relationship. A gurini can lead thousands of students. For all them she is a yoga teacher but she might be the gurini of just one.

The gurini and the yoga student must fit together like key and lock. There must be something to flow, there must be a transmission."


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Seth