Obe Methods



Trance methods, meditations and OBE techniques can be dangerous for psycholabile persons and persons with mental diseases. Further, awakened inner forces can get out of control in people with great problems and uncontrolled fears. Any attempts to perform methods as described in these articles are done at your own risk!

Are there any methods to reach the state of astral travelling?

There exist some methods, for instance ‘projection’ or the ‘tunnel method’, which are commonly used in various disciplines, e. g. in shamanism. Very often, etheric OBEs (see chapter Etheric Body) can change into astral travelling. False awakening can also be practised and implemented as a method. The latter is a phenomenon which mostly begins right with the astral body or at least continues with it, although one is still close to the body and in the ‘same’ room.

Apart from that, very often astral travelling is a spontaneous phenomenon, although some people have developed their OBE-inducing methods to a very high level. Using and practising methods is the one side, but on the other side, meditation and spiritual immersion can highly increase the chance of spontaneously happening astral travels. These spontaneous OBEs often have a totally different and higher quality than the willfully induced ones, at least after our experiences.

© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra