Dream Plane


I first heard of the so-called dream plane from Vayu (Alfred Ballabene) and I believe I can confirm his theory. In lower astral planes (near-earth planes that have a similar appearance to the material world), there seem to be areas where you meet other astral travellers, but these are not aware of being on the astral plane. Instead, they are absorbed in an own, inner dream-world. It is known that OBEs can be dream-overlayed, and the topic of little conscious or unconscious OBEs is dealt with in the chapter Between OBEs and Dreams. It seems that on these ‘dream planes’ we encounter other people who are dreaming. However, even the most unconscious OBE is different from a common psychic dream. The latter one is mere imagination of our brain. In an unconscious OBE, however, you still perceive all your surroundings, but dream-like imagery overlays the astral environment, and objects and people are woven into the inner dream ‘movie’.

This is what seems to happen at such a dream plane: we meet people, actually dreamers, who are absorbed in their dream-like state, and if we try to communicate with them, we will get confusing answers. I experienced these dream planes as areas where people were very busy doing something, but acting uncoordinatedly and often without any logics. They often seemed to follow automatisms that were common in their everyday life.

A few examples here:

"Recently, I became aware in a dream and began to explore my environment. I was in a little town that was crowded with people, who all seemed to be very busy, just like in a ‘normal’ working day. I wanted to see how they would react if I spoke to them, so I simply asked a woman if there was a place nearby where you could buy music instruments. She looked at me, then she smiled and said: ‘Yes, over there’, while she was pointing with her finger at the cobblestones of the street. I didn’t know what she meant with that, but for her, it seemed to make perfect sense. I assumed to be on such a ‘dream plane’ and asked further questions to test this out. When I asked the woman, who had very bright yellow hair, if this was the natural colour of her hair, she suddendly went to the bus with the words: ‘Oh, no, I don’t have a ticket, but I can buy one at the bus, I have to go now.’ The bus had been standing there all the time before and just now she seemed to notice it." (Corra)

"I sat in my armchair, practising. I fell asleep and had a false awakening. After stepping out of my physical body, I became totally aware of my state and had a clear consciousness. The room where I found myself was similar to my bedroom where I used to practise, but it was much bigger and with two windows instead of the terrace door. A. was present as well and I tried to come into telepathic contact with her. In doing so, I hoped to find out if her appearance was imagination or a real astral body. The telepathic contact didn’t succeed and the attempt didn’t help me to make things clear.

Now I went to the window on the right side and looked down the street, which was surrounded by multistoried buildings (while our house in Neuwaldegg is a garden house surrounded by trees). It was as bright as day out there, so as if it was midday. Interested, I watched the hustle and bustle of the people. Somehow, everybody seemed occupied with themselves and didn’t really notice the others. Partly, the happenings weren’t noteworthy, but partly it was so absurd that the scenes remained firmly etched in my memory.

From the left side, a car came along the road and suddendly it got airborne, flew to an open window in the second floor of a house diagonally opposite and then right into the window. Thinking about this afterwards, I had the impression that the owner of this car wanted to take the car to bed with him and considered his car as a part of himself.

Another car floated upwards to another window, it parked there and shortly after it wasn’t visible anymore. It just had dissolved. I thought that most likely the owners had focused their interest on other things now, or maybe they simply woke up from sleep.

At a distance of about two meters, in the neighbouring building, a man was climbing up a rope to reach a higher floor. I didn’t know what he was up to, but it looked ridiculous somehow.

All this was happening calmly and without any hurry, and I fascinatedly watched everything and tried to memorise every detail.

From the right side, a red car came along the road; it had been sprayed with a white colour on the front side. The strange thing here was that the white colour had been sprayed also on the ground in front of the car, and this white spot on the ground moved along with the car.

While I was still standing at the window, suddendly an installer came into the room. He looked at the heating pipes and then he turned towards me, stating that one of the pipes had a leakage. Comfortingly, he added that the damage was occuring in the warranty period and so the company would bear the costs. Without waiting for my answer, he walked along the heating pipes out of the room through a door, which had formed suddendly and which vanished again very quickly after he had gone.

All these scenes occurred peacefully and it did not seem like a chaos to me, but it seemed like everything was totally natural." (Ballabene)

"In another experience, I seemed to be at a dream plane as well. I had sat down somewhere in the outskirts of my hometown and now I was examining my own astral body. There were greyish-black spots and lines on my chest, which was confusing to me. I had been in search for an otherworldly guide who could help me to explain this, and there was a person next to me who looked like my Gurini. I was too worried with the black spots on my body to be alert enough, so I didn’t take into account her auric radiation to make sure that she really was my Gurini. Of course she was not, it was some random person, but I just realized that after I had asked my question: ‘Please, can you tell me, what are these dirty spots on my body?’ She turned towards me and started to examine me as well. She frowned, tapped with her finger against my forehead, and then she opened my lips a bit and checked my teeth. Then she said, determinedly, that my teeth were totally crooked, and they were dirty as well, so I really had to do something against this. I looked at her confusedly, then I realized that she hadn’t understood my question at all, at least not in my way. However, what she said seemed to make perfect sense to her, but I had now realized from her auric quality and from her behaviour that she was definitely not a person I knew and certainly no otherworldly guide." (Corra)


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