Spontaneous Astral Travels


Most of my astral travels – at least the best of them – have been spontaneous. For me it rarely has been the case that I got more and more aware in a dream until this dream evolved into an astral journey. Mostly I find myself in the state of astral travelling abruptly, in some unknown place, without remembering any previous dream. I don’t want to disclaim that there was no dream before, but – for whatever reasons – normally I’m not able to recall any preceding dream.

As soon as I am somewhere in the astral, I possess a full day-consciousness, so that I can decide what I want to do next. Occasionally, I find myself in an unconscious, dream-like astral journey, and then I become aware through some lucidity-triggering situation or environment. It is also possible that this awareness is caused by a very beautiful impression (emotionalisation), for example the beauty of the sun shining through autumn leaves or the colourful facades of an old town.

Above I mentioned an "unconscious, dream-like astral journey", and maybe this has raised the question: was this really only a dream before, or was it already an astral journey, though unconscious? I tend to accept the latter explanation, because these unconscious phases that precede astral journeys have no typical dream characteristics like e. g. frequent change of scenery, dominance of actions or alogical elements. These pre-phases contain mere walking through the landscape and occasionally talking to unknown persons.


Unconscious or little conscious astral travels:

  • the existence of such unconscious astral travels – which are in fact not so different from dreams – raises the question: are astral travels much more frequent than assumed?
  • Or does this prove that astral travels are simply dreams?

(On this, see also: Between Dreams and OBEs)

Through my training of awareness – which has developed from astral travelling and also from meditations and inner attitude during the day – my dreams have changed drastically: there are no aggressions, no chases, and everything has become much more logical than before; and I wonder if – I already believe it’s true – I am astral travelling several times a night.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra