The deeper Sense of Astral Traveling


Wanderers in between the worlds is what we are, but never alone

In several letters I was asked about the sense of OBEing. The best answer for this question I have received today, 19 Nov 1999, from John. Here is his letter:

"I would like to say that it is a comfort to read of other’s experiences. The experiences others are sharing at this website are full of valuable insights and information. What is so impressive to me, is that I (and surely others) share a comradery with these persons. When one has experienced the OBE phenomena, it is of such a nature that only a fellow initiate can fully relate to these experiences and know the truth of it. I cannot overemphasize this point. OBE has allowed me the privilege of knowing that life continues beyond the earth plane. I can say with absolute confidence that I do not fear death. I can say as well that we are most certainly involved in a spiritual evolution. The OBE phenomenon is a very sobering experience. However, one could easily repress it or dismiss it from the mind. This is easy to do since few people on average can relate to it. Sharing our experiences with others as we can do here serves to keep clouds of self doubt away.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight and for providing the vehicle to participate in this community of fellowship.


By means of OBE you learn:

  1. That you are not simply the physical body as is told, but that you have a subtle body – and you experience this subtle body. You realize that there is an existence of yourself that is independent from the physical.

  2. You see how it looks like outside there in the world beyond.

  3. Having visited different astral worlds you learn about the laws which apply there - psychic laws in the first instance.

  4. In reflection of that knowledge, you start to explore and to manage your own psyche.

  5. In consequence of the latter you will achieve self-confidence and inner power and love – the basis to help others.

  6. In the next step, you come into contact with your spiritual guides and you get an inner feeling for spirituality and about the right way how to live.

Another letter:

"Why did I feel such a strong desire to learn about these things at the time? How will this help my life and who I am? I imagine it will help you at death, because you're ahead of the game and conform with it. Is this all?"


No, that's not all. As you said, you can learn about life after death and that's a great help. Consider the OBEs as a breakthrough for your ability to travel or to get a connection to the higher spiritual world. If you have got the OBE connection to the spiritual world, you will get knowledge about the meaning of life and you may encounter highly developed beings, who will teach you spiritual secrets, tell you about your past lives and what still has to be learnt as a result, and you will meet your old spiritual family there. Maybe your physical intellect gets knowledge about one or the other of those teachings, but most of them are told to you while astral travelling unconsciously. These teachings of the latter form are not present in your daily intellect, but they are present in your "higher self" and they are leading you through a kind of spiritual instinct. Thus, first of all you have to learn to listen to the inner voice, the source of which is found in this unconscious pool of knowledge. You are guided and you feel guided.

I can imagine that you will ask why those important and fascinating teachings will be done in subconscious astral travellings and why they rest in a subconscious part of yourself.
The reason is that, in these higher realms, communication runs in another way than on earth. No words are spoken and the information comes by telepathy in such a speed that no brain would be able to memorize it. A complex information of non-semantic kind is given, of a kind for which we have no brain structures to work with.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna)