Kundalini - Circulation of Light - China


In Chinese Taoism, the accumulation of Chi in the abdomen is an essential point of Chi work. Such an amount of Chi is symbolically represented by a huge belly.

From "Taoist Yoga" (Ballabene):

A characteristic feature of Taoist mysticism is the transformation of animalistic life forces into a spiritual essence of light from which the "diamond body" is developed (diamond as a symbol for the pure and imperishable).

This transformation of the inner powers does not only happen through the mystical exercises of light circulation, but also through a conformable change in way of life, combined with physical exercises.

The Taoist yogi merges Ching (sexual energy, abdomen) with Chi, the fire of the heart (or etheric energy), and both are merged with Shen, the spiritual light of the head. The now developed "fluid light" is brought back to the abdomen again, where the golden pearl and later the golden embryo is formed.

The three elixir fields (cinnabar fields), where Ching, Chi and Shen are located

Through an inner alchemistic process, Ching (water and life force) and Chi (fire of the heart) are transformed into vapour (ascending water), which ascends the spinal column to get lightened by Shen (heavenly light) in the head region. Through this process, the golden life elixir is developed, which accumulates in the abdomen and grows to become the immortal body of light.

With ongoing meditation, a body of light or even several bodies of light are formed and released.

Inner alchemy: ways of transformation

In the course of two or three millennia, new philosophical elements have been introduced to the teaching of "circulation of light" again and again, while the basical elements remained. Thus, the teaching has become very complex and difficult to look through.


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© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra