Sexuality has a great influence on the Kundalini. This is the reason why there are some practices with which people try to stimulate Kundalini only through sexuality. Not through pure sex, of course, but with an appropriate inner attitude which aims at controlling the powers which are set free. I think that it is not mainly the sex but the state of our brain which takes effect here. When having sex, but also in eroticism and amorousness, our brain doesn’t work like it normally does. Special messengers are set free which cause an euphoric or glorified state – depending on if the trigger was an orgasm or a loving feeling.

Sexuality can be a trigger for the awakening of Kundalini, but it has to be compared with a flintstone: it can ignite a flame, but it can’t nourish it. For this, other material is needed. In our case it is love – the loving care for all living beings. In such a manner we can try to turn the spark into an everlasting fire.

It makes a great difference if an orgasm or a long-lasting loving feeling is practised. In an orgasm, the deepest cosmic states can occur, light phenomena and everything with which normally Kundalini is associated. But the state is only short-lived. It can give us deep experiences which rise new insights into the principal questions about human and cosmos. But what characterizes a real and lived yoga is a transformation of the own personality and a spiritual evolution. For this, other states are more appropriate which are less impressive, but instead lasting over a longer period of time with a constant flame. We can use these stable, higher states e. g. to connect to the divine power while going for a walk in the nature and to see the divine in all the life which surrounds us. In this manner, we can develop love, spirituality and religiosity within us.

She loves to sprawl in a constantly warm sun.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra