Ajna Chakra

The Ajna Chakra (or Brow Chakra) lies between the eyebrows and traditionally it is depicted with two petals. After Leadbeater it possesses 2 x 43 (= 96) petals, whereat one half is coloured in pink with a golden-yellowish tint, and the second half is blue-violet. In the modern "rainbow theory" it is depicted with a blue-violet colour.

Note that the Ajna Chakra must not be confused with the Forehead Chakra (which unfortunately happens quite often). The Forehead Chakra lies in the middle of the forehead and its qualities are quite different from those of the Ajna Chakra. You can read more about the Forehead Chakra in the chapter Other Chakras. The Ajna Chakra is connected to willpower and it is used to achieve states of consciousness free from thoughts and emotions (on this, see chapter Goddess or Great Mother in section Kundalini).

Location of the Ajna

The Ajna Chakra has an opposite chakra in the medulla oblongata:

7) Ajna Chakra, 8) opposite chakra in medulla oblongata

In his book "Wissenschaftliche Heilmeditationen" (German edition), P. Yogananda writes on using the Ajna Chakra when willpower is needed, and to use its opposite chakra when one wishes to work with mental imaginations. He describes both chakras as being the positive and negative poles of one and the same center. In this center, the intelligent life force resides. When looking with calm concentration on the place between the eyebrows, the energetic current running from the eyes is described to reach first the Ajna Chakra, and from there, it runs to the opposite chakra in the medulla oblongata. In this way, one is believed to look into the astral "spiritual eye" of the medulla oblongata.
(cf. Paramahansa Yogananda: Wissenschaftliche Heil-Meditationen. O.W. Barth Verlag, 1971, pp. 50-51 – English version: Paramahansa Yogananda: Scientific Healing Affirmations. Self Realization Fellowship, 1986)

© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra