The detested Professor

I dreamt of one of the professors from our university. It was the one professor that no one likes. He’s an arrogant, sarcastic egomaniac and he loves to insult others. He’s not only a professor but also a businessman and leader of some important organisation. He really has a high opinion of himself, but due to his behaviour and character, everyone thinks he’s an … well, I don’t want to use dirty words.

So, I dreamt of this professor. I dreamt that I met him in the tram. He started to speak in that sarcastic, exaggerated and self-satisfied way, sounding important and attention-drawing. I was angry and wanted to say everything directly to his face. I wanted to make him aware of his negative behaviour towards others and his terrible character. He was angry too and couldn’t believe how I was talking to him.

But then, suddendly, something came over me. I was much calmer all of a sudden, and somehow I wanted to do something good. I suddenly thought of HOW it had come that his behaviour was so negative, and what were the reasons why he was so unloved and why he always seemed so self-satisfied but, at the same time, so angry with the whole world that he didn’t care about others. In this way, he just increased the hostile behaviour of others towards him. It was a vicious circle for him.

But it was not the thougths that made me become calmer and more understanding. It was a feeling: somehow, I seemed to feel that all HE wanted was to be loved by someone. I was astonished at this feeling and I also felt a sudden pity for him. I didn’t know the exact reasons for his behaviour and character, I just knew there was some reason behind this and I shouldn’t judge him. A sudden urge came over me to wish him good. I quietly said to him that there was something important I wanted to tell him. He was confused because of my sudden change of bevahiour. I looked directly into his eyes, and I said to him: "I wish you with all my heart that you’ll find love." I was honest in saying that. I can’t explain it. It was not childish or romantic or anything. It was only beautiful, this feeling, of honestly wishing him good. He just stared at me, but I already woke up, with this compassionate feeling still in my heart.


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