Meditating while Walking


One of the best meditation methods is meditating while walking. Doing so you are less bothered by thoughts and you come to a greater depth of inner awareness.

  • Go slowly and rhythmically.
  • Look at everything around you attentively.
  • You must not control your breathing, because it will be triggered by your kind of walking.

Look attentively and suppress your thoughts - these are the most important aspects

As a result of this meditation your inner and your vital power will increase. Every depression will vanish.

Don't refuse this meditation because it looks simple!! Try it !

Yoga letter:

"Your thoughts will cease the best way, if you look at the things around you in an attentive and interested but not qualifying manner. Do only look at the colors and forms, nothing more, like as you would search a right subject for painting or taking a photograph.
Do all without thinking and you will enter into an euphoric, blissful state by itself. Train this and you will come to this desired blissful state in a simpler way than all complicated techniques can provide. The blissful state will intensify by the time."


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna)