The bright Gate


On the dream pages I try to open up the inner world of dreams to those who want to learn about it because of interest in adventure, thirst for knowledge or curiosity. I try this with the help of very few examples of dream interpretation. For a short time I thought about creating something like a dream encyclopedia to provide much information for everyone who is interested. Therefore I read a bunch of books about dream interpretation and came to the conclusion that some are pretty good. But all of them had to fail with individual variability of the dream symbols.
That's why I thought: No, I cannot make it easy for the readers of the dream pages. I would betray them without wanting to. For these things one has to earn a personal understanding through thinking and learning. Everything else has to lead to failure.
That's why I only wrote about a few dream symbols. Nevertheless, I tried to show with these symbols that dream symbols do not evolve from an inner arbitrariness but that there are shaping laws. These shaping laws apply to all humans. The combination of the dream symbols gives them the individual touch and meaning.

However, the possibility of dream interpretation is only a tool of many others which were given to us. These tools give us the opportunity to gain a relative mastery of our inner world. Another tool is the meditation. No, I am not talking about anything religious and also not about a sophisticated technique. Actually, I mean a meditation-like suggestive imagination of increased consciousness and brightness around us. This kind of meditation we do before falling asleep. Yes, we should fall asleep while doing this meditation and take what we feel with us into the dream world. It is a shaping suggestive force. I am convinced that some “meditation master” is screaming out now, trying to get these poisoned words of his screen. Anyway, this kind of meditation had a positive effect on me. For the courage to go my own path I was honored with many lucid dreams (or astral projection, depending on how one looks at it).


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Seth