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Depression and Earthbound Spirits
The world beyond is much closer to the physical world than most people use to think. Telepathy is the bridge between the two worlds. Every human being has the gift of telepathy. The information from the other world enter our subconscious, but only few people are sensitive enough to perceive this information consciously. When people perceive these telepathic transmissions consciously, it is not always a pleasant experience – but why? I’ll explain this now.

Occasionally, depression occurs in connection with hearing voices and being harassed by spirits. The preliminary stage of harassment through spirits are thoughts that seem to be imposed on us. These thoughts can be traced back to the spirits who suggested them. With a bit of practice, it is possible to distinguish these spirit-originating thoughts from the own thought cycles as they occur in a depression. During a normal depression, our thoughts are circling around our problems. Thoughts that come from harassing spirits are a bit different: they confirm the problems, but they emphasize that everything is pointless and in vain. These foreign thoughts also contain arguments that disparage the own personality. They emphasize weaknesses, the negative in the person, that we are alone, that all the others are bad and so on.

It is a common opinion that this kind of depressions is generally caused by earthbound harassing spirits. But this isn’t true. Harassing spirits do not cause depressions, they can only intensify already existing depressions.
These spirits can’t harm healthy people. But if any weakness appears, they will use them to their advantage. For this reason, it is not a good idea to attribute the reasons for a depression to the earthbound spirits right from the start. It is only an excuse which blames those spirits to exonerate oneself of everything. In case of depression intensified by spirits, we are responsible for the situation, too. We have set the starting point which then was used by the malevolent spirits.

So, a passive behaviour, where you only blame the spirits, is wrong. The following chapter will explain a "master method". The yoga method described there is ideal for handling situations where you are harassed by spirits, but it is also useful against common depressions. To reach the inner silence mentioned there isn’t that difficult if you once got the hang of it. If you learn this method, you will have an ideal help that can easily blow away the harassing spirits as if they were only dust. And there’s another thing: if you once get the hang of the method, you’ll never suffer from depressions again; it is possible to stop the depressions from the very start and to give your life a positive direction.

The Master Method against Depressions
Amongst all methods and tricks against depressions, there is one master method. The instruction may seem simple, but to implement the method is not easy. It is a very difficult yoga method, but it can guarantee a hundred percent success. I’ve used this method years ago. I don’t have depressions anymore now, but the state of consciousness, which is related to this method, shaped my personality and helps me to overcome the most difficult situations in life.

I have to point out that a few seconds of this state of consciousness are sufficient – it is better to experience this state intensively rather than to prolong it by force, because in the latter case it will fade out. If we have a number of short, but intense experiences, it will be engraved in our minds. But if the state fades out due to an overambitious and forced attitude, this will lead to failure, and soon, frustration about this becomes so great that we’ll give up.

Here another excerpt from a correspondence:

From a mail:
"I’ve read some articles about astral travelling and it was refreshing compared to other articles. I’d want to know if you have experiences regarding depressions, how to overcome them or the symptoms of depressions. The human being is more than a physical existence, so there have to be methods that originate from a transcendent knowledge."

"Typical for depressions are circling and constantly repeating thoughts, which are trying to confirm and justify the depression. Thus, first of all we have to stop these though chains because they reinforce the depression. There are several possibilities to tackle this. Personally I prefer the following master method: concentration on the point between the eyebrows (Ajna Chakra) and the sensation of a great inner silence that is free of thoughts and emotions – thus, the feeling of depression can’t be existent in this state.

For that, it is sufficient to reach about 10 seconds of stillness of thoughts. But these 10 seconds of stillness are trained again and again throughout the day."

It is not without reason that I call this yoga method a method of masters. It seems simple in description, but apparently it is difficult. I received only few reports where someone succeeded in using this method. Maybe this is also due to the fact that this method requires absolute determination.

This exercise is not only a stillness of thoughts, but it contains an inner attitude which is hard to describe:

You are resting within yourself, deep in the deepest roots of your personality. You are in a state of unbelievable silence and peace. Everything is silent, thoughts and emotions as well. This silence isn’t forced by suppression of thoughts and feelings. It is a silence originating from the deepest well of yourself; so to speak, from beyond the world. It is a pure, observing existence in which you are resting. You are perceiving with great consciousness and alertness, but your perception comes without any overlay of own thoughts or feelings.

Once as someone reported difficulties with the implementation of this method, I recommended to focus on the own breath during those 10 seconds of practice, while counting 21, 22, … . Maybe that would be an advisable solution for the start.

As pointed out before, this method is a master method, so I recommend not to be irritated if it doesn’t work right from the start. It is worthwhile to practice this method and not to give up so soon.

The exercise causes the following state:

  • euphoria with a feeling of having a lot of energy
  • inner clarity

  • mental strength

  • inner silence

  • willpower

  • decisiveness

To describe how I discovered this method, I want to cite an excerpt from my biography "Eine Internet-Yogagemeinschaft" ("A Yoga Community Online", so far no English version available):

"So, again, I sat on a bench in the park, alone and left behind, and I lost myself in deep depressions. These depressions had become stronger during the last two weeks and now they had reached an extent that I considered very annoying and beneath the dignity of a yogi. Surely I knew the outer mechanisms of a depression – after all, Sattipathana (observation of yourself throughout the day) is an obligatory exercise in yoga. In Sattipathana, you don’t interfere your actions, thoughts and feelings. No – you just observe. Because interfering would falsify the situation and would prevent us from gaining deeper insights into ourselves.

During depressions, thoughts are circling, whereat they constantly try to confirm that the depression has a reason and that the situation is hopeless. In yoga, I had learnt to stop thoughts and to become silent inside. Actually, I never really had succeeded in this so far. Anyway, the strategy was clear to me. I concentrated on the energetic point between the eyebrows (Ajna Chakra) and stopped the thoughts. And, lo and behold, what I hadn’t managed all the time, now it worked wonderfully when I was up to my neck in problems. In other words, it was motivation by inner force.

On the first day, it took me ten minutes to reach the state. Then the depressions were gone. On the next day I needed five minutes and on the following day only a very short time. From that day, until today, I only needed to shortly concentrate on the Ajna Chakra and all depressions vanished. Though, recently, there aren’t any possibilities for training, because I do not longer have any depressions. But for me, the exercise gained a deeper sense. It helps me to remove impatience, hopelessness in difficult times (my wife is in need of care) or lack of motivation. I wrote ‘remove’ and not ‘overcome’, because ‘overcome’ implies an inner struggle. But ‘remove’ rather means that it is a simple action with absolute effect.

This master method against depression became a master method of self-discipline for me. I know, many people don’t think much of self-discipline. But you have to consider that, through this kind of self-discipline, you save yourself the trouble of inner struggle, of complaining and of unhappiness with the current situation. If you can save yourself all this trouble, your well-being will increase enormously. And if you are truly a master of this method, you can switch off unhappiness and switch on hilarity, inner calmness and harmony. Maybe some people will say: ‘Through this, I will lose my human nature and I will become a manipulated machine.’ Well, I have to say that we are being manipulated all the time. And what is better – to be manipulated out of unconscious fears and wishes, or out of our own control in full consciousness?

I can explain why, in my former times of inner crisis, the depression dissolved so fast and without any negative consequences: the gradual and repeating depressions were stopped so fast because my inner condition tilted when I used this master method. The depression, which was characterised by circling thoughts and lethargy, suddenly turned into euphoria with a sharpened, changed perception, increased physical activity, and a clear and nearly over-active mind. This state was so positive to me that it automatically remained for a longer time. I did not longer need to concentrate and I could maintain the state as long as I wanted. I can’t explain why this stillness of thoughts caused euphoria. Maybe it can be seen as an auto-hypnotic state.

One could think that, in those days, the situation had been resolved with the help of this method and that everything was okay. But, as wonderful as this state was, it also had unpleasant side effects for other people. From my point of view, I was in high spirits within a few seconds, whereat I had a clear sensation of being able to extend an energetic field around me, and a feeling of strong power. This made me practically addicted to this state. Thanks to my beloved wife, I realised the side effects: she pointed out that, in this state, I radiated coldness and that she found that very uncomfortable. Of course, I didn’t notice my own coldness when I was in that euphoric state. My behaviour was alright and there weren’t any ethical mistakes."

Over time, I was able to change those side effects. Now I am radiating calmness, prudence and love.

I managed to overcome that coldness, which I did not realise before, through loving care for nature and people. Naturally, this didn’t work from one day to the next. Nevertheless, even if the described state of consciousness was formerly connected with coldness, it still was a great treasure to me back then. Due to that difficult situation in life, I finally learnt to discover what I hadn’t been able to for years before. This is an example that shows how even the worst situations can have good effects, if we don’t let ourselves go but take the initiatives.

This exercise has enriched my life enormously! It has boosted my inner development. However, to balance this really wonderful exercise through loving care isn’t easy, too, so I added the following chapter on this topic.

Depression from the Viewpoint of Vital and Subtle Energetics
The people of our recent civilisation are energetically torn apart – head (intellectuality) and base of the spine (instinct/ lust). This means that they are split into two energetic poles.

Christianity and eastern ideologies teach us to have ONE pole.

  • Christianity, Bhakti Yoga: chest (Anahata) – here, the aim is love
  • China (Taoist teachings of Chi): belly – here, the aim is strength

There are two fundamentally different energetic states:

  • We are energetically polarised into head and abdomen (intellectuality and instinct/ lust). The polar split causes a field of tension inside of us. This field of tension again causes inner unrest and imbalance.
  • Instead of being accumulated at two opposite sides of the body, it is possible that the energies are united in the centre of our body. Opinions differ as to where the centre of the body lies – either belly or chest, sometimes also at the phrenic region.

I prefer the centre of love inside of the chest (also propagated by love mysticism of the West and the East)

We need an inner balance to overcome a depression. For some people, the way of inner balance is to feel. And to feel love is one of the best counteractions against annoying thoughts and depressions.

From a mail:
"After my experiences it is as follows: when I warm up my heart region (whole chest, Anahata), when I can feel love, then I become soft, and what was hardened inside of me begins to loosen, gentle things begin to flow … depressions and the connected thoughts lose all of their power."

To feel love and to see the beautiful and the good – these two things belong together inseparably.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Corra