You just entered the homepage of Seth and Corra. We are studying physics and forestry but yoga is what we found to be our true path of life.

What has brought us to yoga were the urgent questions inside of us. Questions about who we really are and where we are going. We did never believe that this short life was all and that matter was the absolute. There had to be something beyond, some deeper meaning. This is where we began our spiritual path.

But we had no one to help us finding our way and we were averse to all those self-styled gurus. Finally, we both found someone to help us. We met our beloved yoga teachers Vayu and Gauri, from whom we have learned much since and who invested lots of their time and energy in our spiritual guidance. This does not mean that we have been given all the answers. To go your own path means to find the answers by yourself and to make your own experiences. It means to learn and to mature in character, heart and mind. However, to find the right direction and to find a point where to start from these inner questions, it is indispensable to have someone who can guide and help you with word and deed.

Vayu and Gauri are more than just teachers to us, we are friends and a little family. Now, after a few years, we had the idea to translate their webpages, because we wish to spread their knowledge to help others with finding their paths of life. However, the following pages are not a simple copy of the German homepage. We added our own knowledge that we’ve gained and our experiences that we’ve made over time – experience and knowledge must go together, that’s the only way it works.

The purpose of this homepage is, on the one hand, to provide useful incentives and information to those who want to dive into the depths of themselves and who wish to discover the treasures hidden underneath the surface of the ego. On the other hand, we’d like to offer individual guidance and advice to those who are willing to tread the path of yoga. You will find our contact information and some additional thoughts on that matter in the section “contact us”. We do not require payments for our help.

Nevertheless, what we do desire from potential yoga aspirants is willingness to learn and perseverance. It is a giving and taking from which we all benefit. In the end, what counts for a spiritual way is not the amount of mediumistic disposition and natural abilities you have, but it is your inner attitude and your determination to find your path of life.

Seth & Corra, 2016