The dark Gate


The time of dreaming is the gift of a second life. If we neglect this part of our inner selves it will become chaotic and aggressive. Then this inner world becomes like everything that is being neglected – not beautiful at all.

Most people believe that they are helplessly exposed to the world of dreams and that they can just let it happen. That is not true. We can do a lot and if we do so we will be richly rewarded. It is like in the fairy tale of mother Hulda where the two girls came with different amounts of industriousness into the mysterious netherworld.

What can we do? We can observe our dreams and learn from them. What do they want to tell us? And do we want to understand what they are telling us?

Just as the dreams are connected with the everyday life, the daily life is connected with the dreams. What does that mean? In our dreams our souls get visible and alive in their own self made worlds; with all their powers, with their conflicts and their promises. These forces affect the everyday life. Not only our mood but also our destiny. We can rightly claim that our souls with their magical powers manifest within our dreams.

Do we want to be helpless facing towards these forces? Can we escape these forces? Wherever one may go these mental powers will always follow ones way.

It is better to do the work that our psyche has given us. We mature and grow while doing that and plus the world around and in us gets brighter and more beautiful.


© Alfred Ballabene (Vienna) translated by Seth